Collection: SIBO-Go Bioactive Herb Combination for a Balanced Microbiome | Kef-Flamex anti-inflammatory activated by fermentation

SIBO-Go is a combination of bioactive herbs, including garlic, oregano, thyme and clove, designed to maintain a balanced microbiome. Each serving contains 600 mg of SIBO-Go complex, which supports the intestinal environment and stimulates beneficial microflora. The product also contains Kef-Flamex Complex, a mixture of anti-inflammatory herbs activated by fermentation, 100% organic and without additives. The complex is rich in rosmarinic and betulinic acid, curcuminoids, phenols and flavonoids, terpenes, saponins and catechins. The recommended dose is 600 mg of Kef-Flamex per day for better connective tissue health, joint wellness and increased vitality.