The InkaDis difference: We are Nature

Our partners are internationally renowned players and pioneers in the field of nutrition. We choose our partners carefully and focus on quality first. The effectiveness of the ingredients and formulations is proven by clinical studies.
Our partner brands have in common their innovation, their passion and their commitment. They offer us natural solutions through bio-available formulations, without additives or synthetic products, often organic, always clean.
At Inkadis, we highlight brands that use ancestral know-how, stemming from millennia-old traditions around the world (medicinal plants from Chinese medicine or Ayurveda for example). Others rely on ingredients well known to nutritional science and have developed new formulas that target very specific needs such as those of athletes for example. We choose to work with professionals who also stand out for their respect for nature, its ecosystems and people.
Current regulations

All our catalog has been registered and declared to the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition and Fraud Prevention) before its marketing on French territory, in accordance with the regulations in force (directive 2006/352)