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Do you have mood swings, cramps or restless legs? When your days seem dark and your nights gloomy, cultivate inner strength and peace of mind with Libra. Adopt an active lifestyle and find balance in your life with our natural food supplement. Say goodbye to restlessness and discomfort, and hello to a more peaceful you. Try Balance now and discover the benefits of a balanced life.


Take 2 capsules per day, in the afternoon or evening.

Vegan and Gluten Free

Suitable for a vegan and gluten-free diet


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Balance : Retrouvez le calme intérieur pour une meilleure gestion du quotidien

Libra: Find inner calm for better daily management

Detach yourself from the worries and worries of everyday life with Balance. This supplement helps you achieve a meditative state, promoting full presence in the present moment thanks to its restorative minerals. Avoid burnout by increasing your resilience and making everyday life easier to manage. Make better decisions by finding inner calm, because problems are resolved more easily in this state. With Power Up to increase your responsiveness, Balance allows you to make the best decisions for yourself.


The nutrients you need to stay ZEN

Nutritional Information For 2 capsules %NRV(1)
Vitamin C Reduce fatigue 90mg 113%
Vitamin B6 (in active form P5P) Regulate hormones 2.5mg 179%
Elemental magnesium (3 sources: bisglycinate, taurate & ascorbate) Calm anxiety 140mg 37%
Zinc (bisglycinate) Regulate hormones 10mg 100%
Copper Calms the nervous system 100μg 10%
Pomegranate seed extract Antioxidant 10mg
Vegetable cellulose capsule 200mg
(1) Nutritional Reference Value

Triple source of Magnesium. Without additives or adjuvants.